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Reviews from our customers near Ormond Beach, FL

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“Javuan was very thorough, polite and did an amazing job. Highly recommend. Thanknyou”
Lisa from Port St. Lucie, FL
INTERIOR Only Detailing for 2005 Nissan Altima
Sat Oct 15, 2022
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“The tech was very professional and courteous, he did a very nice job. On my Harley..Thank you”
George from Port St. Lucie, FL
Motorcycle Detailing Package for 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna
Thu Sep 29, 2022
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“Gotta say, the trailer looks like new again. Hasn’t been washed in over a year but came out perfect. Will definitely use the service again. ”
Jim from Port St. Lucie, FL
Travel Trailer Wash and Wax
Mon Sep 12, 2022
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“Awesome job!”
Roy from Melbourne, FL
GOLD Detailing Package for 2009 Chevrolet Corvette
Rain X Treatment
Polymer Sealant
Sun Sep 4, 2022
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“Expensive but they did a great job.”
Dale from Melbourne, FL
Travel Trailer Exterior Titanium Package
Mon Aug 29, 2022
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“Excellent service ”
JV from DeLand, FL
PLATINUM Detailing Package *MOST POPULAR* for 2020 Toyota 4Runner
Sat Aug 27, 2022
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“Kerry was professional, thorough and did a fantastic job”
Deane from DeBary, FL
PLATINUM Detailing Package *MOST POPULAR* for 2017 Ford Transit-250
Wed Aug 24, 2022
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“The two gentleman who detailed our cars were very nice, friendly and professional! However, I do have many issues with the detailing. My car, overall, was good despite oily spray marks on my windshield in front of me and some surfaces not touched. My wife’s car is terrible. Spray marks and grease streaks all over the windows and cup holders were not touched one bit. Worst of all, every surface of her car was oily and I mean OILY. It rubbed off black on my wife’s clothes and we have to go through the whole car and wipe it down with our own towels. It also made it very obvious at all the spots they missed because you can see where the interior shines and where it doesn’t. They did not clean the infotainment screen, so their oily fingerprints are all over it, as well all over the car where they touched after cleaning but didn’t wipe down. Just problems everywhere. Also, I ordered the PLATINUM detailing service for both vehicles, which include a clay bar rub and hand wax, which was not done to either of my vehicles. ”
Nicholas from Ormond Beach, FL
PLATINUM Detailing Package *MOST POPULAR* for 2010 Chevrolet Malibu
PLATINUM Detailing Package *MOST POPULAR* for 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer
Tue Jul 26, 2022
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“Jeremy and his partner did an amazing job. I have never been so happy with a detailing service. Jeremy was so friendly and kept me in loop on everything”
Amanda from Deltona, FL
PLATINUM Detailing Package *MOST POPULAR* for 2016 Toyota Corolla
Pet Hair Removal
Mon Jul 25, 2022
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“Did a great job very happy with how it turned out ”
Andy from Sebastian, FL
GOLD Detailing Package for 2017 Honda Ridgeline
Sun Jul 24, 2022

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