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Protect Your Vehicle From Harmful Microbes with our AUTOMO Interior Protection Package with XMicrobe™ Technology

XMicrobe™ is effective against viruses such as COVID-19


ELIMINATES 99.9% of odor causing germs and microbes


RESISTS harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses and stops mold and mildew build-up


ANTI-MICROBIAL barrier provides protection 24 hours per day for up to five years!

All-in-One ANTIMICROBIAL Interior Protection

How Does XMicrobe™ Technology Work?

Your vehicle is a breeding ground for germs and other harmful microbes. That’s why you need AUTOMO Interior Protection with XMicrobe™ Technology. Each application is good for up to five years of continuous resistance to stains, odors, germs, viruses, and other microbes. With an XMicrobe™ protective layer, your vehicle’s interior surfaces are also much easier to clean. Grime, dirt, food, mold, and other unwanted substances wipe away quickly and easily!

AUTOMO Interior Protection

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Destroys microorganisms by attacking and physically piercing (disrupting) the cell membrane.
Mechanical action eliminates the need for poisons. The active ingredient in XMicrobe™ system forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer which covalently bonds to the treated surface. When a microbe comes in contact with the treated surfaces, the coating punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell.
XMicrobe™ is a “Hyper-Green” solution because it bonds to the surface and therefore never migrates off the surface.
XMicrobe™ is essentially a modified sand molecule with a silane bonding agent. It is as harmless to the environment as sand.
XMicrobe™ contains no solvents, no VOC’s, no ODC’s, no HAP’s, and is not flammable.
Interior Protection with XMicrobe™ is EPA Registered.
Interior Protection with XMicrobe™ treats the entire vehicle including the ventilation system and cargo area for up to five years of protection.
Interior Protection with XMicrobe™ is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous and safe for adults, children and pets.
Highly durable, long lasting solution eliminates the need for frequent retreatment, which reduces the overall carbon footprint.

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✔ Vehicles with less than 35,000 miles are protected with a 5 year warranty
✔ Vehicles with more than 35,000 and less than 100,000 miles are protected with a 3 year warranty

AUTOMO Interior Protection

Superb Interior Protection

Your vehicle can attract germs, stains, and odors.
Guard against these issues with advanced interior protection.

• EPA Registered
• Ideal for Soft & Hard surfaces
• Resistant to Harmful Microbes
• Completely Safe, Hyper green product
• Environmentally Friendly, VOC and CFC Free
• Leaves a self-sanitizing surface active 24/7 to control odor causing germs

Starting at $295*

Beautiful AUTOMO Protected Interior!

* Final price of service depends on size, condition, and location of your vehicle.

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Best Service Guarantee!

Why Choose Automo Coatings?

Automo coatings will protect your vehicle's finish, interior, and windows from an assortment of environmental and physical damages, such as:

  • Introducing the New Standard for Interior, Exterior, and Window Protection
  • Increases Exterior Surface Protection
  • Superior Resistance
  • Covalently Bonds
  • Provides Additional Protection
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Easy to Clean
  • Best Warranty in the Industry

For maximum surface protection and reduced maintenance costs, Automo coatings for your vehicle will ultimately save time and money for years to come!